Size of this neon sign is 36 inches.

Colors used in this product are

blue, ice and red.



We use high quality Neon Flex Light of 7mm thickness.

Our Neon signs are waterproof and shockproof.

Our products use 12 volts dc current only so they are safe to handle and safe for children  as well.

Transparent Acrylic sheet of 6mm will be used as a back support.

Acrylic sheets are cut according to each design via laser cutting machines.

Each sign is made by hand, by our professional team.

Our signs can be used indoor and outdoor as well.

We provide one year warrant of neon light.


How To Use

First mark the holes in the sign, on to the wall by a pencil. 

Install the bottom part of the spacer on the wall by the use of a drill machine.

Hold the sign on the bottom part of the signs and screw in the top part of the spacers in the bottom part by hand.


Whats in the box?

One cut to design neon sign.

One 12 volt adapter.

5 meter connection wire between neon sign and adapter.

Wall mounting spacers.


For customization please email us your design at

Or whatsapp us right now


Pharmacy - Neon Light Sign

USD 36.95

PKR 10,000

1 Units/Box

USD 36.95

PKR 10,000

1.00 Units/Carton

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