• Eight individually capped thin wall tubes
  • Caps are attached at an angle to prevent cap lids and hinges from interfering with each other
  • Tight sealing, easy to open
  • Optically clear caps that support fluorescent signal strength of real-time PCR
  • 0.2ml tube strips fit virtually all popular thermal cyclers
  • Crystal clear transparency throughout
  • Autoclavable


PCR strip tubes used for PCR reactions

Storage, Safety warnings & precautions

Store at room temperature - Keep packages sealed and away from sources of contamination such as dust, damp, or PCR products. To avoid potential contamination we recommended that tubes be handled with clean gloves, and that unused tubes are not put back into the original packaging once removed. [Shipping conditions: Shipped at room temperature] This product and its components are not considered hazardous if used as intended. However, as with all scientific equipment and plastics this product should be handled and stored with care as standard practice.


8 Strip PCR Tube 0.2mL with Flat Cap

USD 17.09

PKR 4,625

125 Units/Box

USD 170.88

PKR 46,250


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