• Polypropylene clear polymer facilitates visualization of samples
  • Blue dome seal closures
  • Withstand centrifugation of 16,000 RCF
  • Graduations for easy volume estimation
  • Frosted writing sections in tube surface for easy sample identification.
  • Temperature range: -80°C to +121°C (Autoclavable)
  • Free of detectable RNase, DNase & Pyrogen
  • Meet bio-analytical grade requirements
  • Exceptionally strong for centrifugation
  • Unique double threaded cap design reducing cross threading and leakage
  • Consistent biological and physical properties
  • Ideal for long-term cryogenic storage of specimens at -80°C


Suitable for molecular biology applications including concentrating bacteria for DNA isolation, purification and precipitation of nucleic acids; sample storage (ambient temperature to -80°C); and centrifugation of precipitates. Hydrophobic, biologically inert surface for good cell or protein recovery

Storage, Safety warnings & precautions

Store at room temperature - Keep packages sealed and away from sources of contamination such as dust, damp, or PCR products. To avoid potential contamination we recommended that tubes be handled with clean gloves, and that unused tubes are not put back into the original packaging once removed. [Shipping conditions: Shipped at room temperature] This product and its components are not considered hazardous if used as intended. However, as with all scientific equipment and plastics this product should be handled and stored with care as standard practice.


Centrifuge Tube with Cap 50mL - Graduated

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