During the COVID-19 pandemic, whole world had faced serious inconveniences along with a serious threat to the health. Global trade and supplies had faced delayed operations. At the same time diagnostic laboratories and health professionals were found over committed, facing supply shortages of medical consumables. Countries had local demand on priority compared to exports. Therefore, countries without indigenous production facilities were dependenton imports regarding all medical diagnostics and safety kits, laboratory consumables and medicines to combat against deadly viral diseases. BioMed Plasticware Private Limited identified the gloomy situation within and beyond the geographical boundaries and reacted promptly to contribute towards the betterment of the mankind instead of capitalizing it as a business opportunity.

Biomed Plasticware Private Limited is a manufacturing facility based in Pakistan. This company registered in 2021 at Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Company is certified ISO-13485, for manufacturing of laboratory plasticware medical devices. The company businessis also registered at Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industries. BioMed Plasticware is registered trade mark of company in Pakistan. The company has the vision to produce the finest quality laboratory products for diagnostic and R&D applications for local as well as global consumers.

The company’s business is derived by highly qualified professionals holding graduate and post-graduate degrees in engineering and medical sciences. The company is versatile enough to provide innovative and customized solutions to the valued clients through indigenous design and development of mould, dies and tooling. Continual product improvement provides a cutting edge to the company. Therefore, the axiom of the company is;

A reliable source offering finest quality products

- Dr. Fozia Rafique

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